Friendship & Connection

A few weeks ago, I posted a video regarding and acknowledging being mindful of not isolating yourself when you feel challenged, down or low.  This week is another reminder to stay connected to others.
The energetic vibe in the air (as of late), seems to have a lot of us on edge, feeling scattered, uncertain, uncomfortable, alone, confused, angry, sad, overwhelmed and sometimes even disconnected and numb.
This roller coaster ride of energy can be intense and begin to create false hopes.  Remember that we are all one and collective energy can definitely toss us into these intense waves of emotion.  Be kind to yourself and patient.
The reason I’m touching on this, this week, is for several reasons.
1.  To let you know that you’re not alone if you’ve been experiencing some of these intense energies.  
2. To remind you to reach out to others and stay connected – Don’t isolate.
3.  To give you some tips or guidance to help you though these energetically challenging times.
Tip #1:  When you’re experiencing intense energy, stop and become aware of it.  Say “hello” to it and acknowledge that you are feeling what you are feeling.  Sit with it and allow it to be there.  Then, when you feel ready, ask how much of this energy is yours.  Many times we are connecting to the mass consciousness and mistakenly think that what we are experiencing is 100% our own.  Many times, it’s not.  Again, acknowledge that connection and understand that mass energy is present and around us.  Giving it space to simply be, can be enough to start the softening process.  There is no resistance for it to hold on and fight.
Tip #2: Connect to close friends and let them in on where you’re at, what you’ve been experiencing and how they might be able to hold space and help.  Though this, you might find that your friend has been experiencing something similar.  Remember, a friend is there for you through thick and thin.  (Not just when life is a bowl of cherries.)  Connect with friends and allow yourself to be vulernable with them.  Amazing things may surface when you do.
Tip #3: Make an appointment with an energy practitioner, therapist, counselor or coach to help you along your path and journey.  In my practice, I have many clients who are also teachers, practitioners, coaches and therapists who come in for regular ‘energy tune ups’ to help with this exact issue. It’s paramount to take care of yourself in this way.  We have energy systems that need tending.  Find your person and make an appointment.  You’ll feel lighter and more centered when you do.
Tip#4: Journal!  Grab a pen and notebook and write down what you are experiencing.  Get real and be authentic.  Be sure to also write down what’s working in your life and also what you are grateful for.  
Be in the Question 
“How much support can I receive and give when I connect to my friends this week?  What else is possible for me to experience on an energetic levels with them?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I am open to reaching out to my friends and connecting on a deeper and more conscious level.  When I do, we both benefit from the experience and we are able to hold space and help each other though challenging times. ” 

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