Fresh Start- Clean Slate

SunshineThis week is all about starting each day with a fresh start and clean slate.

Begin again – Start anew –  Step in.

Everyday IS a new day, which gives us the opportunity to start again, try something different, or simply keep going.

Let each day become a white canvas that gives the opportunity for creation to occur with more grace and ease.

When we begin with a fresh, clean slate, it allows us to release attachments to the past, and to future predictions of what we THINK might happen.  It is much more powerful (and easier) to manifest if we are consciously creating from the present moment.

This also helps us see our life from the perspective of a ‘first timer out the gates’, which is fresh, new, alive and not attached to old beliefs, behaviors and resistance.  It can fuel new sparks of life in all of us!

Imagine being curious the minute you wake up in the morning.  You get to experience all of the new beginnings this day has to offer. (Like seeing the world through the eyes of a young child)

Give this focus a try this week and see what you notice.  Start each day with a conscious choice of starting fresh and cleaning off the slate so you can step into something different, new and exciting for yourself.  (Free yourself of attachments.)

Remember . . . The mind is powerful, so use it wisely.

Be in the Question: “What gifts appear for me when I consciously choose to release past and future judgements/attachments, so I can begin each day with a fresh start and clean slate?”

Positive Affirmation: “I start each day from a place of new beginnings, fresh starts and a clean slate which allows me room and space to expand and be present.”

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