Finding Balance

P1040676Like the picture of the rocks, life is about finding just the right balance.

We all have lots of moving pieces and parts of our lives that create an opportunity to work with in and a balance that feels right for us.

Take a moment and check in with how things are balanced in your life right now and get clear on what you can do to adjust things if needed.

Finding balance in life is an art and awareness, patients and perseverance is necessary, as life continues to change, shift and flow in different ways.  Feeling balanced feels good!

Here are some things to consider:
     -Your physical balance
     -A balanced diet
     -Work/home life balance
     -Social life balance
     -Sleep/Wake balance
     -Our masculine/feminine energies
Be in the Question: “What adjustments can me managed to help bring my life into more balance?”

Positive Affirmation: “Balance is what I create for myself to feel centered and aligned.  Being in balance feels so good on all levels! “

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