Energy Renovation is my passion, and my calling is to teach people about ENERGY! I love motivating and inspiring others to step into their light and build the life they truly want for themselves.

I offer a variety of energetic training courses and I host several global retreats throughout the year. These events are for anyone who is truly ready to transform their lives by reclaiming their power by stepping into new ways of thinking and being.
These events will captivate and inspire you to awaken your senses, connect to pure joy, and ground into the essence of each moment we experience along the way.

If you are interested in participating in one of my upcoming events you can learn more & reserve your spot by selecting the link below.


Live Life To The Fullest! Empower yourself with new energetic tools that will change your life.  My training courses are highly recommended for practitioners, teachers, therapists, instructors, coaches, and other care givers who hold space and help others in the world. It gives us clearer lines of communication and the ability to read and clean out foreign energy. This training is also a MUST for people who are empaths (sensitive to other people's emotions, and the energy in your environment).


During these retreats, we move our bodies, participate in guided meditations, receive energy healing activations, connect to ourselves (and each other) through mindful activities, and experience the powerful energy of the land and property.

There is also time set aside for personal introspection and exploration as we connect to our sense of adventure through personal growth and transformation.