Are you sensitive and affected by other people's energy and/or the energy in the environment around you?  If so, you are an EMPATH!


My work encourages and empowers people to create healthy boundaries and to truly feel energetically supported.  I will help you discover new and powerful ways to release what's not yours, align with your gifts and talents, and clean out hidden blocks in order to re-calibrate your system so you are more grounded and centered in your personal power.

"Open to greater possibilities and make room for something new to arise in your life."


Jill's Energy Renovation program is a powerful HYBRID program designed to help you tap into new energy and possibilities that opens doors for healing, clarity, integration, transformation, and growth in your life.

Jill's mission is to help women who are highly sensitive EMPATHS, so they can overcome feeling stuck in unfulfilling work & relationships, to align with their true desires without feeling overwhelmed, depleted and last on their list.

It can be disheartening to know how to serve and help others so powerfully, while struggling to keep your own energetic health and wellness aligned with your personal goals.

Most empaths I know, go through a difficult time in relationships when trying to hold space and care for others.  Energetically, this can be very demanding and taxing on one’s energetic systems. Especially if you don’t understand the energetic dynamics that are occuring. 

As empaths, we tend to give and give. So much so, that we tend to neglect their own goals, health and well-being for the sake of helping others. Unfortunately, it’s how we as empaths are wired.

Do you ever feel like you give away your energy, or take on other people’s problems to try and help them?

Fear Not! Once we awaken to the many lessons we’ve endured as an empath, we can begin to learn how to better navigate our relationships with more clarity, certainty and understanding. 

If you're ready to take your personal and/or professional life to the next level, schedule a FREE DISCOVERY CALL with me today.



Are you being called to explore a higher level of consciousness, awareness and empowerment? Do you feel ready to burst into new possibilities and expand your light in new ways?

A distant healing session is a powerful way to receive an energetic activation and recalibration to support your journey into personal transformation and healing.

During this session, you will receive an energetic 'tune-up' that will assist in repairing and re-centering your energetic systems.  You will experience a sound healing through light languages, that work on a cellular, soul and DNA level, to help you recalibrate and restructure, so you can begin to manifest your best life.

If you're ready to step into the next level of energetic work for yourself, and experience a powerful healing . . .  this is the session for you. Connect with me and schedule your session today.

"Light Languages are a technology of re-patterning through sound waves that allow us to bring in new energies.  These multidimensional languages are understood on a DNA, cellular and soul level. They adjust to the resonance and frequency of each person according to the vibration that is needed in the moment. It helps in initiating balance, clearing, recoding, alignment and energetic activations."



Step into your Light



Are you motivated and driven, but need an extra boost to help you step into the work you truly desire, creating healthier relationships in your life?

Do you have an inner spark that is ready to be ignited with the help of a transformational coach?

Book a FREE Clarity Session with me! These are designed for anyone who is positively ready to take steps and action to bring their ideas, passion and gifts to the next level.

During this call, I will learn more about you to see if I can assist you through the next step in creating the life you want and desire.

It's time to put yourself FIRST on your list!


Eternally Grateful

I have relied on Jill many times over the years for in-person and distance one-on-one energy sessions. She has done SO much for my health and well-being over the years, that I am eternally grateful.

Life Changing

My sessions with Jill have been life changing. Through these sessions, I have been able to make a connection to the divine that I never knew existed.

Peace, Love, Light & Balance

Her intuitive healing knows just where to go to bring balance and serenity to what sometimes is a source of anxiety and fear.