Ease, Flow & Grace

WaterfallWhat would it feel like to have more ease, flow and grace in your day to day life? What would that look like for you?  Begin to visualize that from a place of curiosity and wonder.
What small things can you shift this week that will allow for more EF&G to come in?  Sometimes it can be as simple as saying ‘no’ to things we do out of obligation,  or reconfiguring ways we go about our usual tasks and choices throughout our day to bring in more space.
I also find Mantras to be amazingly helpful.  (Plus they are automatically fueled with an abundance of EF&G)  
I encourage you to play with and use this Mantra everyday this week. Keep it out where you can see it, so you remember to speak it throughout your day.  
Perhaps it becomes the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and you state it even before getting out of bed.  See what unfolds as you state and declare the EF&G in your life. 
Mantra:  “I have ease, flow and grace in my life.”
        Be in the Question 
“How much better can my life get when I allow ease, flow and 
grace to join me everyday?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I am open to the abundance of ease, flow and grace to support my life and my life’s purpose.”

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