Healthy homes and offices equate to happy, healthy people! The energy in your space can truly affect the way you sleep, feel, work and function on a daily basis.

Dowsing is both an art and science and has been around for thousands of years.  It's a powerful way to shift energy in your environment by detecting unseen earth energies that are present and disruptive to people living or working in the home.  I locate Geopathic stress lines, negative vortexes, electromagnetic fields and other power sources that can create problems on all levels. (If you are familiar with Feng Shui, this takes it to the next level.)

Give your home a healing through the ancient process of Dowsing.  You'll be so glad you did. Remember . . . everything is ENERGY, and energy can affect us both positively and negatively.  Let's raise the vibration of your space in order to help you and your family THRIVE.


Traditional Dowsing is defined as the ancient practice of using bent twigs or rods to locate underground water sources.  This practice has been very well known during the time of the Druids; they held and used this knowledge to create their road systems, city centers and sacred sites.

Dowsing has been around for thousands of years to help people find and locate things that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  It's been used to understand, support and change the environment in order to create more support and stability.

Dowsing has also been used to locate lost objects, minerals, gold and oil.  It can also be used to test for intolerances and allergies for people who have food sensitivities.


  • Feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Less stress
  • Supports immune systems
  • A more peaceful sense & overall joy
  • Better sleep
  • More energy and motivation
  • Less chaos
  • Increased productivity and business flow
  • Mental Clarity
  • More harmony within relationships
  • Comfort and feeling a positive energetic shift in your space
  • Supportive and generative to you, your family and your business.


Using dowsing rods and energetically attuned copper sticks, this process will locate environmental energies, cure the disruptive blocks, and raise the energy levels for an overall home renovation that brings in more light and Prana (life force).

Cures are placed in the lowest level of your home or business to have the greatest effects in raising the energy of the entire place from top to bottom.

All areas of your life can improve and transform when your space is dowsed and the energy is no longer disruptive.

This is profound foundational work that can assist everything else in your life to be infused with more ease, grace and flow.


The dowsing process will elevate the energy levels in your environment which will help YOU to begin to shift into a happier and healthier place. This higher vibration will increase your awareness and improve your life in a multitude of ways!

Pre-Dowsing Planning is included in my process and helps me to prepare the home energetically and to check to see if your home is on Sacred Land.  (Special space cleaning work is needed to be done prior to arriving at the home, if this is the case.)

Schedule your Dowsing Today!

Let's do this!  Get started by filling out the dowsing client intake form.  Once I receive it, I will review it and send you an email to schedule your dowsing.

Your Dowsing Will Include...

Dowsing of your Home or Business

Working at the lowest level cures everything from the bottom to the top.  You must be the owner of the business or have permission from the owner to Dowse the space.

Attuned Curing Rods 

Placed in your home or business to neutralize the energy and raise the vibration. Infused with light frequencies that uplift and support on all levels.

Transformational Essences

These are light frequency activated sprays created and designed to energetically enhance specific qualities in your life.

A Written Assessment

With diagrams to show where the cures are placed and for what reason.  Energy levels will also be measured before and after the Dowsing occurs.



When I stumbled on dowsing, I didn't really know much about it.  I soon noticed that I had a innate sense and 'knowingness' that made it simple and almost automatic for me to do, sense, feel and understand.  As I was learning, I kept saying to myself, "I already know this!"  It definitely feels like a past life connection for me.


I also discovered that my father made his own dowsing rods years ago, and would use them to locate underground pipes and electrical wires when he was working in constructor, building roads and bridges.  Dowsing is definitely in my family!  My oldest daughter is also interested in it and has gone through training as well.


I have had the privileged to dowse many homes across the country and the world (from Massachusetts to California, and Australia to China), and I plan to continue to help people shift and raise the energy of their homes so they can heal, transform and have the lives they want and deserve.

Schedule your Dowsing Now!

Ready to shift the energy in your environment?  Get started by filling out the dowsing client intake form.  I will review and send you a link to select your date and time.

Happy thoughts from my Dowsing clients

“It’s been over a year since our house has been dowsed and huge (positive) changes have occurred for myself and my family. Our total household income has doubled over this past year, our relationship is the strongest it’s ever been, and we all seem to get along so much better (with less arguing and bickering). Our home feels lighter and other people have even commented and noticed this when they come to visit us. They say, “Something is different. It just feels happy, joyful and lighter here.” 

-G.J. Minneapolis


“I personally have notice that my confidence had improved and my willingness to step into the unknown with more trust and gusto has shown up since I had my home dowsed. It has definitely changed my entire families lives and it has been a huge gift and blessing on so many levels. We all sleep better, eat healthier and have stronger bonds for sure.” 

-J.S. St. Paul


“I can’t believe the changes that have happened in both my life and in our home. Many positive changes have occurred. I am able to write again, our marriage is revitalized and I feel comfortable, creative and happy living here.” 

-A.M. Minneapolis


     “During the dowsing has session, I felt peacefulness around me and like a heavy weight was taken from me.  I also felt really connected and close to my dad, who passed away 3 years ago. After the session, I felt my confidence grow and I was even standing straighter and taller!  My place feels really good and it’s an enjoyable place to be in.”  

-M. G.  Sydney, Australia