Spring is here and we are starting to come out of our ‘winter caves’ to wake up and step into fresh, springtime energy.  
This season is about blooming, expansing and growing, which makes for a perfect time to freshen up our space and look at what is working, and what’s ready to go.
The pictures you see here, are actual photo our of garage. Yikes!  
This is the place where we end up putting and storing EVERYTHING, and it gets super messy and cluttered over the year.  This Saturday we will be diving into making our garage more functional, with appropriate systems set in place, to help keep things flowing (instead of clogging).
Items will be tossed, donated, replaced and reorganized in boxes, bins and shelves.  
The reason I’m sharing our messy garage with you, is for several reasons.  First off, clutter happens people!  It’s real and it’s a real pain in the butt! 
When we take time to de-clutter (any space, drawer, room or closet), it can have a huge effect on our mental, emotional and physical state.  Studies show that de-cluttering helps raise our energy levels and can have profound and positive effects on our mood, mindset and state-of-being.  *I always feel better after I de-clutter anything!
Another reason I’m sharing, is to connect and relate with others.  When we share our challenges, it can also help us be accountable, and it also show others that we’re not alone and it’s completely doable and possible!  (*I will plan to also share before and after photos later on.)
Here are a few key tips
1.  Take baby steps!  Start with a small area, closet, or drawer.  That way you can see, feel and appreciate 1 accomplishment at a time.  Starting with the garage space, might be completely overwhelming to start with.
 *(Note: I have been picking away at many rooms, closets and drawers over this past month, so we were ready for the BIG ONE . . . and I had help)
2.  Make piles to sort (Keep/Relocate, Toss, Donate) and have several empty bins and large garbage bags ready to use for this reason.  They really help keep things organized.
3.  Schedule out time on your calendar to do this.  Don’t squish it between a business call and a meeting with your friend. Plan a block of time to really give yourself enough time to get things de-cluttered and organized in your living space.  
4.  Play music that you enjoy while you do this process. This can help lift your mood in a big way.  And keep your thoughts positive, and on the end result of feeling lighter, more spacious and giving your living space a much needed boost!
Be in the Question 
“What am I ready to de-clutter in my living space?  How will this lift and positively affect my overall well-being?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I am open and ready to de-clutter part of my living space and this helps raise my vibration and bring more harmony to all of who I am!” 

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