Dancing Through Life

Daily Affirmation:  “I choose to see life as a beautiful dance.  When I move (no matter what I’m doing) it becomes a joyful dance that feeds my soul and connects me with my true essence.” 

When we perceive life as a dance, it can make the most mundane activities more joyful and positive.

Dancing Through Life is a WAY of life that gives us permission to have fun, laugh, play, connect to our bodies, and move in ways that promote health, wellness and overall sensations of bliss!

There are 9 different movement forms in Nia and we can connect with all of them to assist as we dance through life.  Here are a few examples to get you thinking and then moving.

Washing Dishes – Tai Chi, slow movements, soft elbows, grounded

Kicking Ice off of your Car wheels -Tai Kwon Do, strong, forceful, determined, sounding.

Pushing as cart at a busy store – Aikido, spirals, harmonious energy with others, avoiding conflict, soft edges.

Vacuuming – Jazz dance, playful, isolate different body parts, quick movements back and forth.

Reaching in a tall shelf – Duncan dance, long legs, step, reach, being graceful

Putting on clothes – Modern Dance, on and off your balance, creating shapes, morphing the body into new ways, creative.

Picking up something off floor – Yoga, stretch, lengthen, align the bones, breathe.

Walking on a slippery surface – Feldenkrais, become consciously aware of our body and how you use your muscles, core and inner connection to walk without falling.

Sitting at your desk or computer – Alexander Technique, notice your spine, tall, posture, pulling up from the top/moving upward.

        Keep Dancing Through Life!

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