Dance From the Heart

nia headerDancing is a Universal platform that gives way to sensing, feeling and awakening all aspects of ourselves.

It connects us to a deeper knowing of self and also to others. 

Dancing can become a magical journey that allows us to experience all emotions, while tapping into pure joy, pleasure, freedom and awareness.

Dancing from the heart is the notion of allowing our true, authentic selves to surface and shine bright as we connect to limitless movement.  It’s a bridge for our body-mind-spirit connection, allowing for transformation, shift and changes to occur authentically and naturally (without effort). 

Take time this week to experience the gifts dancing has to offer.  Attend a class or simply dance at home by yourself or with your family.  And remember to let go and dance from your heart!

  Be in the Question 
“What gifts will I receive this week when I experience
dancing from my heart center?”
      Positive Affirmation
      “Dancing from the heart connects me to all aspects of myself and I receive beautiful gifts of transformation as I tap into feeling, sensing and awakening my body-mind-spirit connect through movement. “

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