Winter in Minnesota can be a time where we stay in and hibernate away from the rest of the world.

Although it’s good to have time to come within, we can feel lonely and disconnected at times.

This week is about connection and community.  Meeting up with people in your ‘tribe(s)’.  Get out of the house – try new things, meet people and connect with groups that feel supportive and generative for you.

When we take time to discover the importance communities have in our lives, we grow exponentially.  And who knows . . . you might even meet someone who will be a friend for life or help someone in the most profound way through this connection.  Venture out this week and plug into communities.

Be in the Question:  “What communities am I a part of (or want to be a part of), that support me on all levels?  How am I contributing and supporting the communities in my life?”

Positive Affirmation: “I love the communities of people that I support and who support me.  Communities are important for my growth and spiritual process moving forward . . . and I am grateful!”

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