Daily Affirmation:  “I am committed to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  I choose to focus on my dreams and continue to step into the possibilities of a wonderful and magical journey for myself.”

You need commitment to focus on your target, take aim, pull back the bow, and then shoot, knowing you will hit the bull’s-eye with every shot.

To hit the bull’s-eye requires total commitment of your spiritual, mental and physical being. You need only the commitment to walk down the path through the gateway into your true destiny and this, my friend, is a process of gathering.

You gather your emotions, your mental strength, and your spiritual and physical abilities.  It can be a long process, but your commitment gives you endurance.  This is the next step after defining your act of personal power.

Materialize your dreams and begin to live them.  Build that magnificent dream lodge within you with total commitment.

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