Choose Your Focus

Choosing our own focus opens up space, and allows time for us to slow down and take a closer and deeper look within, to see what’s really needed or wanted.  And that my friends . . . can be liberating.
So . . . sit down, take in a full, deep breath, and ask yourself,  “What do I want/need to focus on this week?”  
This can include things like your physical body, different relationships, work habits, your emotions, transitions, friends, new ideas, or your spiritual path and journey. (Just to name a few)

Be in the Question 
“What am I choosing to focus on this week? Where do I want/need to focus my energy, thoughts, intentions and attitude?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I am connected to myself as I tap into my own unique focus for the week.  I am positively committed to staying in alignment with my focus and nurturing it along the way. ” 

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