Chakra Balancing Meditation Gift

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Raise Your Vibration through Guided Meditation

My guided healing meditation experiences are designed for people to relax and come within, in order to recharge their systems with positive energy.

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Loving Words from My Clients

The shifts have come in waves and the work Jill does helps me find my way. My home's energy is lighter from dowsing. The tools and insight Jill has offered is always at the right time, in the right space for me to hear and use them. I am so grateful to have Jill as part of my journey!

Her gifts and guidance have led me to live my life more intentionally and joyfully. I’m forever grateful for each of the tools she has given me and am in awe of the impact she has made. She’s a beautiful soul doing beautiful work!

Jill is an experienced healer and energy renovator based in her love of humanity and the loving world of the spirit. She is grounded in her approach.

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