Celebration can take many forms and we celebrate for many reasons;  birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays, retirement parties, graduations, etc.  
We can also choose to celebrate the simple things in life too, like a sunny day, a soccer game, a walk around the lakes, or having a nice dinner with a friend.
Celebration energy is packed full of FIRE energy, and this energy is the spark that ignites joy, laughter and happiness within us. 
It’s the spark that awakens the child within us too.  Allow that part of you to celebrate with laughter and exuberance during the week ahead.  And as we approach Mother’s Day this weekend, ask yourself some powerful questions.
Be in the Question 
“What am I choosing to celebrate this weekend?  How much better can my life get 
when I joyfully celebrate with others? How will celebration change the way 
I perceive the people and situations around me?”  
Positive Affirmation
      “I celebrate life with an abundance of 
joyful energy.”

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