Celebrate your Body

Silhouette DancersIt’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of negative self talk and criticism regarding our bodies. 

Our inner critic loves to keeps us in self judgement over every little thing, which actually chains us to the vicious cycle of NOT feeding our bodies love and respect.  This can ultimately keep us from treating our bodies in healthy ways with the right foods, exercise, sleep, relaxation, etc.

This week is all about busting out of that trap and stepping into a positive arena that focuses on how we can celebrate our bodies just as they are.

What can you do to create positive self talk regrading your body this week? What changes can you incorporate in your life to support this decision to accept your body as it is, right here and right now?

Does this feels challenging to any of you? If so, GREAT!  Let’s yourself be stretched in new ways that help you break free from the negative self talk so you can allow your body to breathe a breath of fresh air with positive celebration.

“Giving yourself space to just BE, it the key for transformation!”

  Be in the Question
“How will my body respond to loving celebration this week (instead of self criticism)?  How much better will I feel when I choose to advocate celebrating my body instead of putting it down?”
      Positive Affirmation
      “My body is my temple and I celebrate every aspect of it.  I love and respect my body just as it is and I’m willing to take a stand
to declare that for myself! “

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