Celebrate Life!

5 JumpersThis week is all about celebrating YOU, your life and all of the good stuff in and around it!

When we celebrate, we are positive, and we smile, laugh, gather together and honor life that is happening all around us.  We also express lots of joy, which feels great, don’t you think?

Find reason to celebrate this week.  Get creative, be silly, be open and bring other people in on your celebration plans too.  Spread the joy around you!

*Create a reason to celebrate and do it!  (That is your mission this week)

Be in the Question: “What amazing things am I celebrating this week? How many fun ways can I celebrate and share it with others?”

Positive Affirmation: “I’m a Joy-Seeker and Celebration Maker, and I share this energy with others because it’s full of happiness and delight!”

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