Share Your Passion

What is your passion? What ‘lights you up’ and gets you excited to get up each day?  What do you enjoy doing as a hobby or just for fun?  Or maybe this is your life’s work.  Either way, get clear on what you are most passionate about in your life. 
Take a moment to write down a short list of things that feed you and get you excited.  What are you personally passionate about and truly enjoy doing and/or sharing with others?
Here’s a short list of some examples: traveling, blogging/writing, cooking, teaching others, creating something new, painting, working with animals, researching, singing, being funny, reading, completing construction projects, being in nature, gathering people together, building something, holding space for others to heal, reading, creating peace and calm, etc. 
Have you ever witnessed someone who is so passionate about something, and when they speak of it, they actually emote and exude different characteristics?  It’s as if they become illuminated and full of magical energy that makes them seem to glow from the inside out! Their eyes light up, their body languages changes, and there are noticeable shifts in their voice and expression.  It’s pretty cool to see.
Sharing your passion is about honoring the fire inside and allowing it to bring warmth, joy and celebration to not only yourself, but others. Tap into your passions this week and decide which one (or ones) you’d like to lean into and ‘ignite’ a little more in your life.
You see . . .when we feed our soul with our true passion, we connect to our inner 
most desires, gifts and authenticity. And that my friends. . . is GOLDEN!
       Live in the Question 
“What am I truly passionate about?  How can I ignite and illuminate my passions for myself and others around me? What powerful inner shifts will I experience when I tap into this inner most aspect of myself?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am a passionate person who shares freely with others.  The fire inside of me is illuminated and ignited, and I feel so free because of this.”

Physical Wisdom

Our bodies talk to us each and every day. When we take time to slow down and really listen, we can gain a lot of information and perspective along the way.
Our physical bodies are amazing instruments, full of a variety of different systems that keep us moving, digesting, breathing, thinking and sleeping (just to name a few).
Your assignment: Connect with your physical body this week and create a new relationship that is different than anything you’ve done before. Talk to your body and become friends in a new and exciting way. Treat your body as if you were given the task to care for someone else who desperately needs your assistance to heal, change and grow; to feel good on all levels.
What would happen if you treated your body in this way, and actually put it first on your list? How much sleep would you get this week?  What foods would you choose for yourself?  How much exercise would you engage in and what else would you do to provide the most positive and uplifting experience for your physical body to experience?
Your physical body is wise and it will give your messages, signs and information.  Be open, aware and diligent as the witness and listener this week.  Give it all you’ve got and take the best care of yourself that you can.  Enjoy the journey my friends! 
       Live in the Question 
“How much love and attention can I give my physical body this week?  What else is there for me to learn about my body?  What amazing shifts and changes will I notice when I do?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am the precious keeper of this physical body that I reside in.  I treat it with loving care, kindness and respect, and because of this, I thrive.”

Be Authentic

Lately I’ve had conversations with several friends regarding how easy it is to get caught in a trap that isn’t authentic to who we are or want to be.
Let me explain. During our lifetime, we are constantly being influenced by the people in our lives.  Many times, their thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs and values shape and mold us, even though this might not truly match up with our own beliefs. 
Instead of speaking our truth and being authentic to who we are, we end up caving in and deciding to act appropriately and ‘follow the herd’ to avoid rocking the boat within our circles.
You see, putting the kibosh on ourselves is actually detrimental to our body, emotions, mind and spirit. Let’s face it, we are all unique and different in many ways, and when we fully understand (and can grasp the notion) that we are not going to please everyone all of the time, that’s the first step in allowing your true authentic self to come shining through.  When we are authentic, we are in alignment. When we are aligned, we feel optimal, resilient, in our power and real!
Now . . . will this rock the boat in your circles?  I’m sure it will, but the pay off of honoring your true self and inner light, far exceeds the back lash that may ensue.
Here is my story:

I am a energy practitioner and spiritual teacher, and I also love to curse and swear.  The two might not seem to match up very well. Over the years, I have allowed the thought that these two sides don’t exactly ‘go together’, to rule and dictate my choices along the way.  This has ultimately effected the way I show up when I’m around clients, students and people in the energy community.  
I have allowed myself to be ‘boxed in’ so to speak and not let my authentic self come through. I’ve felt over the years, that I needed to act accordingly, and be what others want and expect me to be as a light worker.  I know that some people might be shocked to hear that I curse like a sailor in my everyday life, and that’s okay, because I’d rather be authentic to who I am, than to hide, just to be accepted.  
The bottom line is that swearing feels good to me.  I feel stronger, empowered and able to get my point across with a little more gusto (if you know what I mean.)  I appreciate others who swear, but I also honor those who choose not to. 
The point I’m trying to make here, is that we are all different and we all value and appreciate different things in our lives. The more we can be authentic (and allow others to do the same without judgement), the better off we will ALL be as a society and community. 
       Live in the Question 
“What part of me am I hiding from others?  How can I be authentic to who I am and 
align with MY OWN truths, beliefs, values, thoughts and opinions.”
Positive Affirmation
      “My authentic self is shining brightly and I am open and ready to be true 
to who I am on all levels of my being!  This is me!”

Lead with Your Heart

Our heart is special place that houses the energy associated with love for ourselves and others, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, transformation and the relationships we have with people and world around us.
When we lead with our hearts, we connect to a beautiful place that bridges and integrates our earthly self and our spiritual self into one.  This is the middle point where the lower 3, and upper 3 Chakras meet and connect.
The act of giving and receiving is ignited at the heart center, and finding balance is the key. We are able to transform limiting beliefs and judgements, with more compassion and acceptance.  The heart gives us a more clear view of the beauty around us and it promotes gratitude and a happier outlook on life.
“Leading with our hearts can help us move into more inner peace, joy and contentment.” 
Give this a try:  Sit for moment is a quiet spot.  Place your hands on your heart and simply say ‘hello’ to your heart Chakra. Begin to take slow deep breath in and out. Now, visualize the color green and breathe that into your heart and slowly exhale that color into the space around you.  Send yourself love and radiate what you are grateful for in this moment.  Continue to connect with your breath and the color green as you do so.  Sit quietly for a few minutes and feel your heart expand.  Take one more deep breath and open your eye when you are ready. Enjoy your ‘heart-opened’ day!
       Live in the Question 
“How can leading with my heart on a daily basis create profound changes with my connection to myself, others and the world around me?”
Positive Affirmation
      “My heart is open and I am full of love and gratitude. I live my life from the heart!”

Change Your Story

It’s time to connect to our hearts (and one another) in order to create new relationships that allow us to release old stories that keep us bound to the past, which ultimately keeps us stuck and limited in our growth process.
What stories do you tell yourself (and others) that keep you tangled into old ways of thinking and being?  Do you find yourself saying things like:   
I can’t change
I’m too sensitive
I can’t trust people
I don’t like working out
Things never work out for me
It’s just too hard to let things go
My physical limitations keep me from doing that
I don’t have enough time to do anything different
It takes money to make money, and I don’t have enough
It’s time to look within and examine these stories that you tell yourself.  Think about bursting out of these old layers, like an egg shell cracking open.  Now is the time to get clear on what you want to create through the releasing of these old and ‘crusty’ stories that no longer serve you.  
You are now in a place that supports writing NEW STORIES for yourself.  
What do you want them to be? 
I am strong and resilient, and willing to change
I can handle anything that comes my way
I have loving and trusting people in my life
I enjoy taking good care of my body, mind and spirit
The Universe provides Divine Timing for opportunities to come my way
I experience ease, grace and flow each and every day
My physical body is healing itself, and I feel empowered because of this
I have abundance in all areas of my life
       Live in the Question 
“What old stories are you clinging to that are ready to go away?  How can you connect with others for support, as you step into this new energy for yourself?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am now open and willing to see the stories that I have been holding onto; that are no longer serving me.  I am ready to let them go and step into new beginnings.”

Stretching our Edges

This past week, while on Mt Shasta, a group of us were talking about the shifts, changes and new energy that is upon us.  We are in it. We are all experiencing it for the first time.  It’s new, it’s different and it’s uncharted territory.  
One of them made a comment that stuck with me, as it describes things what I’ve been witnessing and personally experiencing myself.  She said, “Uncomfortable is the new norm.”  And my thought response to that was, “It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”
As human beings having a spiritual experience on this planet, we are constantly struggling with the back and forth (and in between stages) of what we feel, sense, observe and experience from day to day.  With all of this said, it can leave us feeling a little shaken up, 
stirred and even confused.  
Helpful tips:  Notice where you are in resistance in your life, gently release your tight grip, and explore balancing the experiences you have between ‘the sky and the ground, and between the silence and the sound’. (A beautiful quote from Lee Harris this month).  
These words speak to me as having the capacity to stretch our edges between what it means to be both a human and a spiritual being. There is a dance that can weave together the two in a harmonious way.  Practice, observe, allow and being willing to stretch yourself, 
 is the ultimate key.
I challenge you to explore your edges and see if you can stretch into spaces and places that don’t necessarily feel comfortable or ‘normal’ in your life.  When we stretch ourselves and go beyond our place of comfort and security, we can discover so much more about our selves and the energy we are in right now.  This is where we can begin to tap into the unknown and learn new strategies for life, while gaining insight and inner knowing.
       Live in the Question 
“What are my edges?  Of those edges, where am I willing to stretch, in 
order to explore new territory in my life?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am willing to stretch myself in different ways in order to grow and expand into 
new energy, insight and inner wisdom. “