Body Wisdom

What does your body want or need this week? What wisdom is it sharing with you?
It is so important to be grounded and connected to our bodies, as they are fine tuned instruments that hold the key to a lot of important information for us.
Our bodies can let us know when it’s balanced and happy, or when there is danger or if something is ‘just not right’.  It’s up to us to really pay attention, listen and witness what our bodies are trying to tell us.
All to often, we dismiss pain, cues or random things that show up for us physically.  If we can slow down and check in, in a way that is open and free of judgement, I believe that we can learn and understand so much more about ourselves (on all levels).
Listen to your body and ask it important questions. Be open to exploring possibilities that may be new and different for you, through your physically presence.
Be in the Question 
“What wisdom is my body expressing to me? What powerful and 
amazing things can I learn from my body?”
Positive Affirmation
      “I am body conscious and I listen carefully, as I know my body will share with me 
profound wisdom that will help me along the way.”

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