Body Awareness

This week is about becoming attuned and intimately connected to your body and it’s needs. 
Jill 3rd Chakra
Feel, sense, listen, notice and nurture every bone, muscle, internal organ, and cell in your body.
The key is awakening our senses to have a more fine-tuned and acute sense of understanding the language of our bodies so we can modify, adjust and give them what they need from hour to hour, minute to minute.
We are constantly changing and shifting, so listening to our physical bodies needs are crucial for optimal health and wellness.
Helpful Tips:  Write a sticky note and place it somewhere that you see it throughout your day.  Write on it, “Body Check In”, and when you see it, take a moment to breathe and connect to your body.  What does it need in that moment?  
        Be in the Question 
“What does my body want and need this week?  How can I open my awareness further so I can better nurture the needs of my body?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I love, support and listen to my body, and I give it what it needs each and everyday.”

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