Being Present

Take a moment to notice your posture right now. Say ‘hello’ to your body and take in a long, slow deep breath. Exhale just as slowly, and simply become aware of how you are feeling physically. What messages does your body have for you right now? Ask and listen.

Our focus this week is about being conscious and aware of the present moment. When we do, we allow for more gifts, information and healing to come in.

When we are present, we are no longer corded to the past or future, and we connect to our truth, inner knowing and wisdom, and that helps guide us from moment to moment.

Besides our physical bodies, we can also ‘check in’ with our current emotions, what our mind is thinking, and even our spirit and higher self.

Sometimes the present moment isn’t so pleasant. The key here is to simply witness that. Just being ‘in it’ and allowing what you are experiencing, to simply be an experience . . .THAT in itself, is powerful.

When you become a ‘present moment witness’ to your life, you are able to have (and handle) ANYTHING that comes your way. And when you can do that, life becomes a bit smoother. It’s no longer a roller coaster ride, but rather a kiddie coaster (if you know what I mean). We still have highs and low, joys and challenges, but they all become much more manageable.

So this week, consciously choose to ‘say hello’ to YOU, and drop into the present moment. It’s a beautiful practice that can assist you in profound ways.

Be in the Question 
“What miraculous gifts and insight are here for me to witness, see and observe, 
as I consciously choose to be in the present moment of my life ?”  
Positive Affirmation
      “I am a witness to my life and each moment is such a gift.  I am connected, 
present, awake and alive, and I honor this moment that I’m in! “

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