Be the Witness

Blue-hillsThis week we take a journey into stepping out of ourselves in order to check in, notice, see and take a non-judgmental look at what’s going on, how we are doing, and what it needed.Becoming a witness for yourself can be a powerful exercise in viewing any given situation with neutrality.Our ego will want to jump in and start the judgement process and labeling things as ‘good, bad, right and wrong’.  Instead try using the phrase,
“Well. . . isn’t that interesting.”When we become the witness, we allow for the space between to have room, and that alone brings about awareness, healing and growth.
Be in the Question: “What gifts will I attain when I consciously choose to witness myself this week?  What will I become more aware of for myself?”
Positive Affirmation: “I am a non-judgmental witness for myself and I allow ‘that which is’, to simply be.  In that allowing, I find wisdom and gifts!”

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