Be Present and ‘In It’

I have a gift for you. . . It’s the present moment!  Message Hands
When we allow ourselves to connect to the ‘here and now’ moments in life, we are no longer tied into the stories and energy of the past or the future (which can throw us off our game).
There is depth and expansion within the present moment.  When we acknowledge and experience it, we truly reap the benefits of the gifts that are there for us to have.  
Even when we are experiencing challenging things in our lives, allowing ourselves to dive in and ‘be in it’, can provide us new perspectives, a chance to heal, and even new possibilities, because we simply choose to ‘have it’ and allow it to ‘be’, just as it is.
Awareness of presents, is powerful.  Practice this week and see what you notice.  Tap into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies along the way and keep checking in from moment to moment.
Explore the sensations, thoughts, feelings and experiences you have when you are totally engaged and in the present moment.
If you want a little extra support along the way, I suggest reading a wonderful book by Eckhart Tolle called, “The Power of Now”.  
“A reminder to be truly present in our lives and liberated from our past and future.  It can transform your thinking. The results? More joy, right now!”   ~  O, The Oprah magazine
        Be in the Question 
“What gifts will appear in my life as I experience being ‘in it’ 
and present from moment to moment?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I am grateful for the present moment and I am immersed in the experience of the here and now.”

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