Be open to Possibilities

I recently had a conversation with someone regarding ‘holding on tight to what we think is needed or necessary’, and it reminded me that all to often we can find ourselves creating and living from a place of control and fear of change.
The focus this week is designed to challenge you to release your grip (so to speak) on any thing or any place in your life where it feels like you are holding on tight and trying to keep things ‘on the straight and narrow’.
When we let go of the grip and open our arms to possibilities, it can be scary and unsettling at first.  But within that, we can find new opportunities and possibilities that we didn’t even know existed because we gave it space for it to appear, come in and show up in our lives.
        Be in the Question 
“What else is possible in my life?  What magic is manifesting right now as I open myself for new possibilities to appear in my life?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I’m open and I trust the process as I welcome possibilities 
and new opportunities in my life.” 

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