Be in the Question

Positive Affirmation:   

“I enjoy being ‘in the question’ of life and answers come to me with ease and grace.”

When we can be in the question of life, it give space for the Universe to provide the answer.

What else is possible today?
How much better can this get?
What do I want to create today?
What can I choose to institute that will allow more ease and joy to show up?
What would it take for abundance to show up loud and clear today?
What limitations can I now eliminate in my life so new doors can open?

Play with being in the question this week.  Instead of searching for the answers, let the answers show up for you (and in ways that might even surprise you a bit).

Create some of your own questions that resonate with you and try them out.
It can feel really good to let go and not hold on so tight to the end result of struggling to try so hard.  This it about allowing our minds to relax into a place that receives and is open to possibilities.

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