Be Authentic

Lately I’ve had conversations with several friends regarding how easy it is to get caught in a trap that isn’t authentic to who we are or want to be.
Let me explain. During our lifetime, we are constantly being influenced by the people in our lives.  Many times, their thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs and values shape and mold us, even though this might not truly match up with our own beliefs. 
Instead of speaking our truth and being authentic to who we are, we end up caving in and deciding to act appropriately and ‘follow the herd’ to avoid rocking the boat within our circles.
You see, putting the kibosh on ourselves is actually detrimental to our body, emotions, mind and spirit. Let’s face it, we are all unique and different in many ways, and when we fully understand (and can grasp the notion) that we are not going to please everyone all of the time, that’s the first step in allowing your true authentic self to come shining through.  When we are authentic, we are in alignment. When we are aligned, we feel optimal, resilient, in our power and real!
Now . . . will this rock the boat in your circles?  I’m sure it will, but the pay off of honoring your true self and inner light, far exceeds the back lash that may ensue.
Here is my story:

I am a energy practitioner and spiritual teacher, and I also love to curse and swear.  The two might not seem to match up very well. Over the years, I have allowed the thought that these two sides don’t exactly ‘go together’, to rule and dictate my choices along the way.  This has ultimately effected the way I show up when I’m around clients, students and people in the energy community.  
I have allowed myself to be ‘boxed in’ so to speak and not let my authentic self come through. I’ve felt over the years, that I needed to act accordingly, and be what others want and expect me to be as a light worker.  I know that some people might be shocked to hear that I curse like a sailor in my everyday life, and that’s okay, because I’d rather be authentic to who I am, than to hide, just to be accepted.  
The bottom line is that swearing feels good to me.  I feel stronger, empowered and able to get my point across with a little more gusto (if you know what I mean.)  I appreciate others who swear, but I also honor those who choose not to. 
The point I’m trying to make here, is that we are all different and we all value and appreciate different things in our lives. The more we can be authentic (and allow others to do the same without judgement), the better off we will ALL be as a society and community. 
       Live in the Question 
“What part of me am I hiding from others?  How can I be authentic to who I am and 
align with MY OWN truths, beliefs, values, thoughts and opinions.”
Positive Affirmation
      “My authentic self is shining brightly and I am open and ready to be true 
to who I am on all levels of my being!  This is me!”

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