Be Adventurous

This week is all about the adventure! What does ‘being adventurous’ mean to you?
Perhaps you think of going on an adventure though travel and exploration.  Seeing new places and visiting different locations that you’ve never been to before.
Or perhaps being adventurous means trying new foods (that you don’t think you’d like.) Or maybe it’s something in between.  
Whatever that is for you, decide that this week is meant for you to explore and venture out of the norm.  Be adventurous in your own way and get out there.  What’s that going to look like for you?  
Step into your own unique adventure this week and see what shows up for you.  Notice what you notice, and be aware of how adventure feels for you on all levels.  It can definitely help us push boundaries and stretch us into new places.  
*Note:  My adventure this week is stepping into a brand new studio space to teach JADE there for the first time.  If you haven’t tried a JADE class with me before, perhaps this is part of your adventure this week.  See below for more details!
Be in the Question 
“What adventure will I experience this week and how will it feed and fuel  me in new ways?  What will I learn from this adventure?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I am open to getting out of my normal routine by stepping out, and into a fun and exciting adventure!  I am adventurous and it feeds my soul!” 

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