FOCUS for the Week

Daily Affirmation: “I have balance in my life and it feels so good!”
Are you familiar with the phrase – “burning your candles on both ends”? It’s when
we get out of balance in our lives and go to the extreme when life gets full, crazy,
hectic and overwhelming. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have been there
and experienced this out of balance way of moving through the days, weeks and even
months of our daily lives.

Shifting our attention to creating harmony and more balance within our day to day
lives can give our nervous system a much deserve break. We become more content,
peaceful, easy going, and we get better sleep at night too. (Keep in mind – these
are only a few benefits in finding better balance in your life.)

Strive to create a more balanced week for yourself. Notice if you feel a little
heavy in one area vs another, and ask yourself, “What can I choose to help bring
me more in balance?” Life is full of choices – choose balance this week and enjoy
the creative process around doing that.
Life Examples
Work – Family – Self – Social – Playing-Learning- Love life

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