Ask for Signs & Messages

Quote bubbles When we ask for signs and message to appear and we are truly open to receive them, it can be an amazing journey into exploring another realm of possibility.
It’s important to observe from a place of neutrality, without searching or ‘digging’ for the signs and messages to appear.  Patients, trust, non-judgement and allowing are huge components of this process.  
Getting out of our own way/ego in order to let the magic happen, is key. When we do so, we let go of what we think we want to see, hear and receive along the way.
This is great practice for anyone who is trying to connect to their higher self, angels and/or guides to connect with more clarity and awareness in your life.
Getting a simple card deck can be an easy way to step into this journey of receiving and listening.  *(My Soul-utions card deck is available for $20)
        Be in the Question 
“What signs and messages are appearing in my life?  How easy is this guidance to receive on a daily basis?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I ask for signs and messages to guide me along my path and journey.  I am open and receiving them now.”

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