Ask for Help / Offer Help

Fall BenchThere are times in our lives when we need to ask others for help and assistance.  And there are other times where we step forward to 
help others.  It’s a balance.
Where in your life could you use some extra help or assistance these days? Who can you ask to help you, and how does that feel for you to ask?
Asking for help is connecting to the feminine energy of receiving.  Are you comfortable and open to receive, or is this a challenge for you?  Check in with this part of you and see if you can create some awareness and acceptance around the aspect of receiving help from others.
Next, take a look at helping others.  Is there someone who could really benefit from your help and assistance these days?  Who can you help and be of service to this week?
This is part of the masculine energy of doing something for others and giving of your time and energy.  How does this aspect resonate with you?  Is it easy for you to help others?  Are you ever an ‘over giver’ at times?
I challenge you this week to step into both sides of this focus. Ask someone for help and open yourself to receive, as well as offering your services to others and connect to the balance within.
        Be in the Question 
“What possibilities will immerse when I ask someone for help?  
How can I be of serve to someone this week and help them?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I ask others for help with open arms, and I am graciously willing to help others too.  I am beautifully balanced in this way. “

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