What does the word ‘abundance’ mean to you?  I think a lot of people associate the word ‘money’ (and what we can acquire with it) when they hear the word abundance.  Don’t get me wrong. . . money can definitely be a apart of it, but it’s so much more than having quantities of cash, objects or things.  
Intuitive Healing Hands
ABUNDANCE is really about the Universal laws around giving and receiving, ebb and flow, gratitude and appreciation, honoring your worth, having unlimited thinking, creating clear agreements and being a magnet for manifesting your best life.
When we are consciously connected to the abundance in our lives and deeper aspects of what we want to create, our life’s work becomes more fulfilling as we serve the highest good for ourselves and others.
When you choose to operate with more joy, integrity, clarity, harmony and peace around abundance, your ability to trust in the process becomes more clear and concise.  You begin to see that everything is happening and coming to you with Divine timing (and for a reason).  
Transforming your beliefs around abundance is a key part in allowing more abundance to flow.  Below is a list of qualities that help attract abundance into your life.  Which ones are easy for you to express?  Which ones are more challenging?  *Lean into this and really explore your beliefs around abundance.
Expecting the best for yourself and others
Telling yourself why you can succeed 
Focusing on how you can serve others around you
Honoring your worth and time
Believing in yourself
Working from a place of integrity
Following your joy and bliss
Embracing challenges that arise
Letting go of things easily
Believing that your path is important and valuable
Having self-confidence and self-love
Expressing gratitude daily
Following your heart and inner guidance
Creating clear agreements and intentions
Believing in ABUNDANCE
Using words and speaking of abundance (instead of lack)
Allowing yourself to HAVE and RECEIVE
        Be in the Question 
“What limiting beliefs around abundance am I ready to let go of in order to create
my reality of unlimited prosperity?” 
      Positive Affirmation
      “I choose to live an abundant life!”

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