Balance & Harmony

This month you might notice more ’emotional charges’ happening in and around you, so I thought starting out with this focus of connecting to balance and harmony, might 
 be a helpful gem for all.

I’m not saying don’t feel what you feel.  I’m saying that when we can be aware of what we are feeling, sensing and experiencing, then we can make choices that can assist us in finding a variety of ways to navigate the situation with more ease and grace.

Giving ourselves permission to connect to balance and harmony, in any given situation, can be a powerful way to come back to our true alignment and healthy center.

Balance & Harmony Meditation for the week:  

 Take 3-5 minutes to sit in a quiet and comfortable place.
Close your eyes and take in a deep, full breath, slowly exhaling.  
Now, connect to all 7 of your Chakras through your intention. 
 Start at your Root Chakra.  Sense and say ‘hello’ to each one as you move up. (Root- Sacral- Solar Plexus – Heart- Throat- 3rd Eye- Crown)
Once you have put your attention on your Chakras, ask them to align, balance out, and be in harmonious rhythm with one another.  It’s as simple as asking and intending.  Sit back, enjoy and breathe!
Be in the Question 
“What is available for me to experience when I find balance and 
harmony in my everyday life situations?” 
 Positive Affirmation
      “I find balance and harmony in all situations.”

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