Create Your Day with Your Mind

Studies show that our thoughts are so powerful, that we can actually create our reality.Quote bubbles

So let’s become mindful of our mental capabilities this week and hone in on what we truly want to create for ourselves.

There are so many techniques & ways to go about this, so I wanted to provide you with something quick and ease that you can use moving forward.  I like to do this each morning, as I consider this process ‘consciously creating my day’.

Sit quietly and connect with yourself (use the opening exercise of this newsletter). From your mind’s eye, create another giant bubble but put this one out in front of you. 

Mentally begin to fill this bubble with the most supportive and magnificent thoughts (for yourself) by imagining them filling up inside this bubble.

Here are some examples to toss in there : Endless Joy, new friendships, acceptance, validation, support, love, abundance, surprises (if you like surprises), creativity, signs, miracles, heightened intuition, trust, healing and maybe even a touch of pure magic.  

The sky is the limit here people!  The more positive and supportive things you can imagine for yourself, the better.  Put all of this in your giant bubble and when it feels complete and full of positive thoughts, ideas and images for your day. . . let it float up and away. This is the process of letting it go, delivering it to the Universe and allowing it to manifest.

Remember – If you wake up and say to yourself, “This is going to be an awful day”, you will most likely create that.  So let your thoughts work in your favor to create something wonderful and magnificent instead.

Being mindful of your mind takes time and practice.  As we know, it’s so easy to go into the negative mindset of seeing what’s not working, but if you choose to flip that around and start to create the good stuff instead, your days will take on a whole new perspective.  It’s kind of amazing, but you do need to consciously choose to do the work.

“Our minds are oh so powerful.  Use them wisely!” 

   Be in the Question 
“How will using my mind to create positive thoughts in my life, change things for me on a daily basis?  How much better can my life get by doing so?”
      Positive Affirmation
      “I am a conscious creator of my life and I use my mind mindfully with positive intentions to do so each and every day. “

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