13 Joints of the Body

How are your joints feeling these days.  Take a moment to check in with each of them separately.

Start with you ankles.  Move them around in circle or if you’re really ambitious, write the alphabet with your feet.

Then move to your knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and your entire spine.

With the cooler weather we’ve had, sometimes our joints like to ‘talk to us’. We can feel tight, stiff, sore and inflexible at times.

Tip for the week:  Before jumping out of bed in the morning, pause . . . and then start moving your body and begin slowly stretching into each joint.  Give them time to wake up and find proper mobility before you step into your day.

And move your joints during the middle of the day too.  Especially if you’ve been sitting for a while.  Lubricate your joints through joyful, spontaneous movement. 

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