1 Door closes, Another opens

 Daily Affirmation:  “I honor transition in my life and trust that when 1 door closes, another will open and I will be lead down a new and exciting path.”

 Transition – Change – Movement – Redirection

As we welcome in a New Year this week, recognize ‘stepping forward’ or ‘stepping into’ a new place for yourself.

What do you intentions do you have for 2014?  What doors will open or will you choose to open for yourself?  Can 2014 be a time of manifesting extraordinary possibilities and experiences?  I say, “YES!”

There are lots of different ways of going about welcoming in a New Year.  Some people write in their journals, some make resolution lists.  Others create vision boards or sit in meditation and contemplation.  What ever feels right for you, DO IT!

Have fun with the process and prepare for the coming year by welcoming it with open arms.  Trust in the process as things come your way, and give yourself room to expand.

I look forward to spending time with all of you this year, and together we can manifest the most extraordinary year (so far).

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