Jill Goux is an intuitive and transformational coach, with the gift of helping those who HELP OTHERS in the world.  

She assists people in overcoming empathic overwhelm and self-sabotaging behavior, so they can create healthy boundaries with the people they serve.

Her clients achieve optimal health and wellness goals, without feeling depleted, burned out, or last on their list.

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How I Can Help

As an EMPATH, I know you have a profound purpose in how you show up and serve others in the world. 

The biggest challenge I see with empathic entrepreneurs, is that the energetic output rarely meets the necessary input to keep one balanced, aligned and feeling optimal, both inside and out. 

And when you feel depleted, spent and energetically overwhelmed, it’s hard to continue to serve and care for others in a healthy way.

I can help you understand the root cause of your unhealthy choices and teach you strategies and tools, that promote optimal health and wellness for your body, mind and soul.

I provide both coaching and energetic support to empower you to connect to yourself on a deeper level, as you learn game-changing techniques to begin to expand and create the life you desire.

The goal is simple.  Keep those of you who help others in the world, happy and healthy, so you can continue to provide service without taking on other people’s energy, giving yours away, feeling depleted and putting yourself last on your list.




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I truly believe that we find & connect with people in our lives, when we are ready, and the timing is right. You must be ready to manifest something new.


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Understanding and consciously working with ENERGY is the key to creating dynamic and lasting changes that support growth, healing, and living your purpose joyfully.

"When we acknowledge the endless potential held within light, sound, vibration, and frequency, we open ourselves to the powerful magic that is here for us to receive."