Sound Healing with Jill

Are you sensitive and affected by other people’s energy and/or the energy in the environment around you?  If so, you are an EMPATH!

My work encourages and empowers people to create healthy boundaries and to truly feel energetically supported.  Individual healing sessions are powerful ways to release what’s not yours, align with your gifts and talents, and clean out hidden blocks in order to re-calibrate your system so you’re grounded and centered in your personal power.

Connecting to your higher self, while bring in fresh, new energy, is the key to transformation so you can continue to manifest and share the work that you are called here to do.

Light Language Integrative Healing Session

Are you ready to experience new possibilities in your life?  Have you done your own personal work along the way and are feeling called to step into a higher level of accountability for your Spiritual growth and development?

An integrative healing session with Jill is a powerful way to bring in new energies that open channels for healing, clarity, transformation, integration, growth and learning.  During this session, Jill works closely with her angels and guide to deliver light activations and channeled sound healing techniques to help release stuck energy, while integrating higher frequencies and coding (on a cellular level) that we are now able to access. 

If you’re feeling out of alignment or needing a boost to help to re-center and re-calibrate your energetic field, make an appointment today.  This 90 minute session is custom designed to your needs through spiritual guidance. (*60 minute Distant Healing Sessions are also available)

*Angel Guidance, Light Activations, Channeling, Toning, Soul Retrieval, Karma Release, Chakra Balancing, Aura Repair 








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 “Open to greater possibilities and make room for something new to arise.”



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Transformational Coaching Session

Are you motivated and driven, but need an extra boost to help you step into your next opportunity? Do you have an inner spark that is ready to be ignited with the help of a transformational coach?

Individual coaching sessions are designed for anyone who is positively ready to take steps and action to bring their ideas, passion and gifts to the next level.  I will assist you through powerful coaching tools and questions that will get you moving forward and creating the life you want and desire.

“Come ready to step into your A Game!” 


Distant Healing & Space Clearing Combo

Do you live in another state or part of the world, but still want to connect and work with me?  This is a wonderful (and powerful) way to combine energy work for both yourself and your home.
During this distant healing session you will experience an ‘energy tune up’ as I send and guide you through a visualization and space clearing meditation that will clean out any emotional, mental or spiritual energies stuck in your home and your energy field. 
This powerful session is a great way to release old energy and replenish your system so you can manifest your best life.  If you’re ready to step into fresh new energy for yourself, and experience a deep space clearing and healing for your home . . .  this is the session for you!
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