Balance & Harmony

This month you might notice more ’emotional charges’ happening in and around you, so I thought starting out with this …

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Self Love

Last week the focus was ‘Let your heart sing’, and this week is about taking it a step further and …

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Be the Witness

This week we take a journey into stepping out of ourselves in order to check in, notice, see and take …

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Make New Connections

We are in the age of technology (whether you like it or not).  Our world has shifted and advancements in …

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Positive Affirmation:  “I choose to visualize the life I want to live each and every day.  Visualizing is fun, easy …

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Rituals the Shift Energy

I think we can all say that we find ourselves feeling low, down, stuck or just out of sorts from …

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Connect to your Tribe

  Human connection is a powerful force that compels us to join forces with others, create bonds, and work together …

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Daily Affirmation:  “I make healthy choices for myself each and every day.  I choose to choose, and that is very …

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As we move into the 4th of July holiday weekend, the word ‘freedom’ quickly surfaced as the focus for the …

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