Positive Affirmation: “I listen to my inner voice each & every day – I’m guided by what I hear.” This …

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The 13 Joints Of The Body

The 13 Joints of The Body  Daily Affirmation:  “I acknowledge the joints of my body everyday by listening to what …

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Life is Art

Imagine a huge, white canvas before you, and you have all of the tools and supplies you need to create …

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Get Out in Nature

There is no doubt that being outside in nature helps us feel better on all levels.  Vitamin D from the …

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Welcome to JLS New Website

Hello my lovely friend, I’m so happy to have you here at my new and improved site. There is still …

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Self Love

Daily Affirmation:  “I am connected to my heart, and I love myself inside and out.  I choose to take care …

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Winter in Minnesota can be a time where we stay in and hibernate away from the rest of the world. …

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Taking Responsibility for Ourselves

Daily Affirmation:  “I am the ‘Captain of my Ship’ and I’m responsible for my actions, in-actions, choices and thoughts I …

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Change Your Story

It’s time to connect to our hearts (and one another) in order to create new relationships that allow us to …

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